Not Just A Dukaan, but India Ki Apni Creative Dukaan!

by Divyesh Panchal on November 10, 2023


Let's have a peek into our daily grind!
Waking up, and regretting the day already? Check. Getting ready for that job that you are doing without any motivation? Check. Taking your daily but so dull partner in the form of a bag? Check. Settling down on a desk that just makes you doze off? Check! Waiting the whole day for it to end? Double Check! Going home? Finally!

This has become our monotonous routine. There isn't any motivation left in the working environment anymore! What to do in this situation? Does this situation even have any solution?

Of course it does! Creative Dukaan hai na!

Why live a monotonous life, when you can add a dash of creativity to it?

With that question in mind, the Co-founders of Creative Dukaan, Mr. Kushal Soni, and Mr. Harsh Lakhotia began a journey to find the solution. This question arose in their minds when they were looking for unique gift solutions for their staff during Diwali. All they could find was the same old black and boring notebooks and oh-so-famous sunset pictures (And if we are being honest, we wouldn't want that as a gift, or just simply wouldn't want it)!

So they came up with a solution - The Creative Dukaan!

The Creative Dukaan is the dukaan where you will find regular office accessories that are updated with creativity! They kicked out the idea of boring sweets and pictures as a Diwali gift and proceeded with actually useful and motivating gifts (Thank God!)!

What are these Office-based Products?

You know, just the basic things, that makes going to the office feel a little less like the Kingdom of Boredom! Their list of products is wide:

  1. Laptop Bags
  2. Laptop Sleeve Bags
  3. Laptop Skins.
  4. Mousepads
  5. Notebooks
  6. Tote Bags
  7. Coasters

....and so many more.

These day-to-day products are given a creative design with a stylish yet quirky touch, transforming them from boring to wow! Why keep using those lifeless mousepads that just suck the drive out of you when you can use vibrant and designer printed mousepads and make a statement!

What is the need for such products?

It can't be just me who feels motivated to write something really interesting on the very first page, right? Tell me if you don't feel uplifted if your laptop skin screams creativity! Or you don't want to show the world if you find a laptop bag that just relates to you well.

It is the basic human nature. We understand you very well. That's why we do not call them just products, we call them solutions!

What is India Ki Apni Creative Dukaan?

Just like how dukaans are a go-to place for Indians to get whatever they need, Creative Dukaan is the go-to place for Indians to get whatever creative office solutions they need!

And the solutions aren't just limited to corporates, but a wide range of professions: Doctors, Lawyers, 90s Kids, GenZs, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and so many more. The Creative Dukaan is not just limited a certain people, it is open to all. With a diverse range, it reflects no matter what your profession is, we have just the solution for you.

So come to India Ki Apni Creative Dukaan and say bye to boring dull office days a goodbye for good!