#KillingTheBoredom with Creativity, Fun & Quirkiness.


So it was the time of Diwali fest, and we were looking for something to gift our team mates. It had to be something that was creative, funny & cool that could define our work culture. The only thing we could come up with was the ideas that we already had, which included paintings of sunsets, blue skies and clouds. That was not enough. We needed something more exciting and interactive.

We began to look for the solutions online & tried to get the creative stuff for our office. But could not find any solution, rather there were a lot of regular stuff available online. While diving in more we could see a huge gap for creative community to make their space & surrounding creative and beautiful.

We started to research on a problem that was not so evident but was more psychological. As it is said, creativity attracts creative thoughts - and that was what actually missing in the creative sphere. We knew that there was a problem and we started to explore the ways to fill this gap.


that is when one fine day the eureka moment hit our brains and The Creative Dukaan camethat is when one fine day the eureka moment hit our brains and The Creative Dukaan cameinto existence. We sailed our boats of imagination in the vast oceans of creativity and started to workminutely on developing an online store for artists, designers and all the creative people who want totake their creativity to the next level. 

We are all set for a creative journey.


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E-mail: hello@thecreativedukaan.com