How To Apply Laptop Skin Without Bubbles: Step-By-Step Guide

by Harsh Lakhotia on July 11, 2022
Bored of the old boring look of the laptop? Wanna give your laptop a makeover? Ordered the laptop skin but don’t know how to apply it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Applying laptop skin can be a challenging task. But we are here to tell you how to do it like a pro. Sometimes laptop protectors leave air bubbles, and dirt trapped underneath, if not applied properly. Laptop skin wrap is no child’s play. We will tell you how to do it right. 

Benefits Of Applying vinyl Laptop Skin

The laptop's skin is the most important thing to protect it against scratches, dirt, and stains. It not only shields your computer but also gives it a new look. It makes you stand out from the crowd.
There are so many options of designer laptop skins or protectors available in the market these days. You can even buy stylish, cool, personalized laptop skins online. Choose the skin that best suits your personality and flaunt it amongst your friends. 


Steps To Apply The Laptop Skin Perfectly

Here is the step-by-step guide to teach you about wrapping a laptop with vinyl laptop skin with pictures:


Step: 1 Things You Need to Apply The Laptop Skin

  • Laptop Skin
  • An ATM Card/ Scale
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • A Measuring Scale (inch tape/ruler)
  • Glue Tape


Step: 2 Remove Old Laptop Skin: (Optional) 

Many laptop skins are reusable. You can reuse it if taken off in the right manner. Pick one of the edges with your fingernail and peel the skin along one side. Now peel the Vinyl skin gently using one hand while the other hand holds the device. Now stick the removed skin on a plastic sheet if you are willing to reuse it in any future.
(Disclaimer: This step is only for those who have old skin applied on their laptops. Skip to Step No.3 if you don’t have any.)


Step: 3 Clean The Laptop: 

Before putting on the new laptop skin don't forget to clean the residue of old skin from your laptop. Any dirt particle can cause an air bubble in the skin. First, wipe the dirt out from the laptop using a dry cloth. Then dip a cloth in distilled water or a mixture of distilled water and plain white vinegar, and clean it thoroughly. Plain distilled water is gentle on the laptop screen and doesn't do any harm to the laptop. You can also choose any other trusted laptop cleaner available in the market.


Step: 4 Measure The Laptop:

Different sizes of skins are available in the market. Measuring the laptop before ordering skin would save your time and effort in trimming it to the laptop’s size. Measure your laptop's length and width using a measuring scale like inch tape or ruler. Then measure it diagonally from one corner to the other. Place the order of the right size of the skin or reorder it if you have already ordered one that doesn't meet your device’s requirements. If you are still wondering how to perfectly measure the laptop size before applying the laptop skin then here are the steps where you can measure the laptop size easily.


Step: 5 The Right Method to Apply Laptop Skin 

Spread the skin on the laptop’s cover in a way that the edges of the skin are lined up with the edges of the laptop. Now stick the skin using sellotape on two long sides of the laptop. It stops the skin from moving and keeps it in position during application. Now slowly pull the backing of the skin from one side and cut it to apply the skin on the laptop’s surface. Now gently press the skin with some sharp object like an ATM card or scale to stick it on the laptop. Remove the sellotape once the skin is glued to one side of the laptop. Then slowly apply the skin all over the surface along with the removal of the skin backing. Don't forget to remove the bubbles using a card/scale and stretch the edges to smooth the skin over curved corners. 
Caution: Do not use very sharp objects like knives or blades to push the bubbles out from under the skin. You can rather use your hands.


Step: 6 Flaunt Your Laptop’s New Look 

There you are! You are done with the skin applying process.
You see, it isn't at all tough to apply a laptop skin/protector.
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